"I am a 55 year old golfer.  For the last few years I have been getting golf lessons.  The lessons were good but they only ever looked to fix one or two things.  My game would become worse before it got better and i am still waiting for the getting better bit.  This year I got the chance for some Pilates lessons with Paul before the season started.  I would say they have done three things, improved my turn, made my swing much more stable and made my back hurt less after a game.  Hitting the ball further and more controlled I have taken 4-5 shots off my average score and won 4 medals this year when previously I had not won any.  The Pilates was definitely a major contributing factor.  Paul’s teaching technique and patience, even when I would fall asleep in lessons, is superb.  I can not recommend him highly enough."

B Gardner


"I am a Pilates teacher myself (Marie Law Pilates) but don't often get the chance to go to a class for me!  Individual sessions on the Reformer with Paul are great for targeting weak areas in my body and to have someone checking your movement and spotting imbalances.  Paul has an Engineers eye for detail and for problem solving so is always thinking of ways to work out any issues that we identify.  For me this is an excellent compliment to my own practice and also for sharing Pilates ideas, I have no hesitation in recommending Pilates by Paul for Beginners or Advanced Pilates clients."

M Law


"Paul’s approach at tackling both my body’s strengths and weaknesses, with guidance, patience and humour has improved both my tennis and cycling! Through stretching and strengthening exercises he has shown me just how much I need Pilates in my life to keep my mobility tip top - especially now I’ve joined the club 50! I would recommend Pilates by Paul to one and all, age and fitness level no barrier!"

S Thomas 


"I've been attending Paul's class for about 18 mths.   He makes it easy to understand and follow, he's supportive and patient and kindly guides your mind and your body to where it needs to be for the move to be most effective.    He's great at offering alternative ways to tackle an area is the exercise suggested doesn't suit you.   He recognises if you're slacking and gently nudged you on.   I'd highly recommend Pilates by Paul.   I've enjoyed Group, 1-1 and the equipment.    Oh and let's not forget all the laughs during our classes to, great for the soul."

S Prentice


"Just to say thanks for the session yesterday.  I really enjoyed using the Cadillac and noticed a big difference both in my posture yesterday and the sensation of feeling stronger and better rooted in my yoga practise this morning."

J Farmer